Paramount Golf
Undergraduate Work / Package Design

The goal was to select seven items to individually package, invent a unique brand name, and create its identity. With this in mind I created Paramount Golf. At Paramount Golf nothing is more important than manufacturing the most supreme golf products the world has ever known. Emphasizing the brand's commitment to the sport, I completed the package design for seven-piece golfer’s start up kit, to include three golf balls, a glove, a dual club brush, a metal divot tool with marker, seventy-five natural tees, a scorecard holder, and a microfiber towel with hook.
Target Audience
This will target male golfers, age 35–44, who play the sport as a way to unwind on the weekends with the guys. Ideally, his household's annual income should draw in over $85,000.

The concept I explored was vintage golf—it’s a combination of classic sophistication and a calm elegance; it’s bold with illustrative lines and muted color palettes. Since there’s a camaraderie to the sport—where men can be men and enjoy a beer, or two, afterwards—I incorporated a retro hollywood swag to it. 

Ideally, this would be completed using recyclable substrates, which was a secondary feature I considered when thinking about the beauty of the golf courses. The brand would lead the industry with packaging meant to preserve the natural lands, which is why I incorporated a more earth-friendly packaging series.
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